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Plan, test and automate your trading

Botcrypto offers a trading service for everybody. Our IT & financial tools allow our users to anticipate market move with precision.


Design a strategy

What you see is what you get! Build your own trading strategy based on the indicators we offer. As of today, 13 indicators are available. You can combine them together and use conditions to design your strategy. Simple, yet powerful.

The interactive frame on the left shows what a strategy looks like!

Create a trading bot

Trading bots execute your strategy on the market your choice. It's your hands on the market. They are useful to test your strategies on the past market data or on the real time market data! Once you're ready to engage your money, simply tell the bot to use an API you synchronize.


Connect you API

Synchronize you broker API and your bot will be able to send orders to your broker. Your funds stay safe on side of the broker ! We only need rights to get your balance information, add market orders and query orders. These steps are explained in our blog.

How does it works ?

  • We fetch market data from brokers every minute

  • We compute financial indicators and oscillators

  • Your bots run, applying the strategy you've built.

  • Buy & Sell orders are send to your broker and we gather the results to provide you a great summary : It is your strategy and your trading!